Accreditation Programmes

Te Wana’s Quality Standards and Accreditation Programmes take an exciting and flexible approach to help your organisation establish a quality management system.

Reflective thinking for continuous quality improvement shapes the programme to ensure all stakeholders are involved in the development and benefits of participation.  Unique characteristics of Te Wana include the foundation Treaty of Waitangi/Te Tiriti o Waitangi standards and specific service delivery modules of standards which offer a customised approach to quality improvement.

Because Te Wana is a continuous improvement programme emphasising ongoing system development, independent reviewers or assessors are joined by trained peer reviewers to ensure that the specific nature of the organisation and service is known and understood. This process reinforces the depth and validity of external accreditation reviews which provides assurance about safety and risk systems as well as offers development recommendations and achievement commendations rather than use a simple compliance audit model.

These features strengthen the sector, keep the programme costs reasonable, provide staff with professional development and promote reviewers who are appropriate for and knowledgeable about the nature of your service.

Te Wana’s programme cycle follows key milestones typical of continuous quality improvement:

  • internal review or self assessment (by service and stakeholders)
  • external review conducted by peer reviewers
  • feedback (identifying strengths and areas for improvement)
  • taking action (taking a planned, systematic approach to service development based on internal and external review)

Who is on the programme?

Te Wana is used by a range of groups including iwi services, Pacifika, youth, primary health, mental health, community social services such as housing, and national lobbying organisations. The organisations vary in size from a few staff to hundreds, some with volunteer involvement in their services. Over 60 organisations have used Te Wana for their quality improvement programme and more than 30 maintain their accreditation.

Te Wana understands that every organisation and sector type is different and that is why it offers a range of options to assist organisations to improve their quality systems and outcomes for service users, staff and community. Organisations do not have to be highly advanced or knowledgeable in quality systems to benefit from the programme – training and resources are provided. Our flexible approach means we can customise a package to meet individual requirements and needs.

Who accredits organisations?

Te Wana is licensed with Accreditation Alliance Australia-New Zealand (AAA-NZ) which allows us to offer annual certification as well as a three year accreditation.

Joining the programme

Te Wana Standards and Accreditation Programme will give you an across-the-board report card on your organisation’s quality performance every three years, a process to identify quality improvement priorities leading to an implemented Quality Work Plan, and support to build continuous quality improvement in your organisation over time. The Programme is more than an accreditation review every three years. It is a proven continuous quality improvement method not an audit certification.

Joining the Programme involves contracting with us to meet the Programme Requirements as well as receive the benefits. Contracts may be for one or three years, with fees payable in instalments negotiated by Te Wana and participating organisations.

When you join the programme you will receive:

  • the right to participate in the Programme for three years
  • a copy of the Standards you are using
  • a preparation Session
  • an electronic template for recording your self assessment against the Standards
  • a comprehensive Companion Guide interpreting Standards with examples of good practice
  • an assessment/accreditation review against the Standards, by trained peer reviewers who will visit your site/s for 2-3 days
  • if you meet the requirements, Certification or Accreditation and use of the logo for promotional purposes
  • monitoring and support on the preparation and implementation of a Quality Workplan
  • opportunity for staff to become trained peer reviewers

To join the programme contact us at

Better communication and collaboration

Stronger Teams

Increased credibility and accountability

Accreditation supports….

        Quality Improvement

        Patient Safety

        Risk Management

        Change Management

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