Enrolment and Training

Joining the Programme

Ideally the decision to start on a quality programme is made jointly by staff and management.

The most important question is what does the organisation want to gain from a Quality Improvement Programme?  Some possible gains might be:

  1. A chance to take a fresh look at your organisation and individual practice.
  2. An opportunity for an independent opinion on what you are doing and some ideas for new directions.
  3. Build teams and increase working together with a common vision.
  4. Add more of a community focus to your work.
  5. A chance to improve things you know need tackling.
  6. A way to validate your strengths.
  7. An opportunity to have organisation wide staff development.
  8. A means to increase your control over your day-to-day work.
  9. A means to assess effectiveness of services.

Te Wana staff are happy to visit, have informal or formal presentations/discussions for staff and/or governing bodies about Te Wana.


Te Wana has a range of fees based on size, complexity and the number of full-time equivalent paid staff employed by the organisation.  They cover the cost of reviews, ongoing support and continued accreditation once achieved. Fees can range from $3,000 per annum to $50,000.

Contact us to discuss the specific fees for your organisation.

Training and Workshops

Te Wana provides training for peer reviewers, internal contacts and review coordinators. We also hold workshops for staff and board members to ensure a great understanding of the programmes we offer and their processes.

2021 Dates for Professional Development

Ask us today!

contact admin@tewana.org.nz

Training is free (for enrolled organisations). Please enquire about training if you are not an enrolled organisation.

What’s involved on the day?

Internal Contact Training – This is about preparing your organisation for the self assessment, external review and the ongoing monitoring of quality improvement activity.
Peer Reviewer Training – Peer reviewer is about training people within your organisation or some external stakeholders who can participate in a Te Wana review. It includes orientation to the review process, gaining familiarity with the Te Wana standards and how a reviewer assesses an organisation against a particular standard.
Review Coordinator Training – Generally the Review Coordinator training is for those who have a working knowledge of Te Wana’s review process and have been on at least 3-4 reviews. However if you have what you think it takes to be a Review Coordinator please contact us as we are happy to discuss this further with you.

NOTE: All training sessions include detailed resources/handouts and an overview will be sent about what to expect from the day prior to your chosen workshop.

How do I register?

Click here to register online!