Accreditation Licences

Te Wana is a licensed provider for Accreditation Alliance Australia-New Zealand (AAA-NZ).



Accreditation certifies that the organisation has met the relevant Standards and is participating in a Quality Programme to build continuous quality improvement.  Accreditation is awarded for 3 years.  On meeting the Programme Requirements, an organisation is awarded an Accreditation Certificate and is able to use its accreditation status for promotional, grant application and program development purposes, for example, presentation of a logo on stationery and promotional documents.

Having defined what accreditation is, it is important to state what it is not. Accreditation in itself is not a guarantee that the organisation is mistake-free, or that it is fully compliant with government funding guidelines.  As it builds continuous quality improvement however, a Quality Programme will help you develop systems and processes for investigating and redressing mistakes, and better tracking your compliance with regulations and guidelines.