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Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service Limited

Our newest Australian service onto Te Wana – Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service (WAMS)

We are delighted to welcome Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service (WAMS) onto Te Wana programme. Located in remote western NSW, WAMS is a well-established organisation operating for over 30 years providing clinical, dental and community support services and programmes.

WAMS, and its CEO Christine Corby, has long been a leader in quality improvement and it was actually the first Aboriginal health service accredited in NSW. They have maintained that accreditation to the present day.

WAMS has several staff from NZ – mostly nursing staff and the quality position is held by Christchurch born Jacqui Bourke (Lee). Visitors to our Facebook page would have seen photos posted from our visits to Walgett and feel for them as it it a severely drought affected area but also celebrate their strength and resilience.

Organisations that have recently achieved accreditation

Congratulations to these recent accreditations (or re-accreditations) and certification:

  • Whaioro Trust – accreditation
  • Royal New Zealand Plunket Trust – Plunket Southern Region – South Island – accreditation
  • Royal New Zealand Plunket Trust – Plunket Central Region Te Tai Raki – Taranaki & Waikato – accreditation
  • Supporting Families in Mental Illness Manawatu Incorporated – accreditation

For the full list of current accredited organisations, please visit our Accredited Organisations page.

Te Wana undertakes its own quality improvement process – Have your say at our Quality Network Workshops!

“The best that we can be – Te Ihi Te Wehi Te Wana”

It is time for Te Wana to do our own quality improvement Plan-Do-Study-Act process.  Every 3 to 4 years there is a requirement on accreditation bodies to review and update their standards.


The standards for review this year are the Quality Strategies that include the standards related to Te Tiriti o Waitangi plus the Well Child/Tamariki Ora and Whānau Ora/Integrated Primary Health Care.

We will be hosting forums sending out questionnaires and surveys and generally inviting comment to all participants on the programme, our Internal Contacts, peer and consultant reviewers.

Te Wana really cares about what you think and how you experience being on the programme.

That’s why we are hosting some workshops with two aims:

1. Seek your feedback on Te Wana standards and programme, and

2. Inviting speakers of interest to promote and share recognition of quality initiatives in NGO and community based services.

Keep reading below for more information on these days in Palmerston North 22 May, Hamilton 29 May and Christchurch 12 June.

  Quality Network


A responsive and effective quality improvement environment


To assist in developing continuous improvement cultures

To provide avenues to share and reflect on experiences

The Quality Network is a combination group of individuals and organisations with an interest in building and promoting a quality viewpoint.

Eligible members include Te Wana Quality Programme staff, enrolled services, peer reviewers and independent Quality Consultants from Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Some of the things the Quality Network does includes:

  • sharing information and feedback;
  • evaluation and development of standards, assessment tools and resources;
  • contributing to the ongoing value of services and Te Wana programme;
  • addressing issues that may emerge from time-to-time.

You are invited to give feedback on the current standards and to have input into the next editions at one of our workshops. We will have an invited speaker and a general interest session.

Three workshops are being held:

  • Palmerston North 22 May 2019
  • Hamilton 29 May 2019
  • Christchurch 12 June 2019

The idea is to have feedback on the standards and programme itself, what works best or needs change, plus a general interest speaker and conversation. Speakers will be on NGO topics of interest and concern.

In order to plan venues and catering we do need an indication of interest and numbers for each workshop.  We are currently planning a 10am to 3pm day but would like to hear your preferences on this as well.

Please RSVP your interest by 10th May 2019 by emailing Briar –

We look forward to your participation.

Te Wana Training in 2019

What’s going on in 2019?

We will recommence our training schedule in September after we have completed our Quality Networking workshops and have drafted the next edition standards.

However, people are still encouraged to register their interest via the website or by contacting Te Wana team members.

Leave us a comment or send us an email with what kind of training options would be of best benefit to your organisation in 2019.

News from Te Wana

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