Section 2: Building Quality Organisations

Summary Guide to the Core Standards

Section 2: Building Quality Organisations

Intention: Leaders establish effective systems and mechanisms for relationships, consultation and communication with staff, stakeholders and the community to inform and shape strategic direction and service delivery.

Standard 2.1: Governance builds a collective sense of strategic purpose and direction for the organisation philosophy, goals and service priorities and observes its legal obligations.

Standard 2.2: Effective and responsive management and systems enable the coordination and achievement of the planned goals and service priorities consistent with the stated vision, values and purpose.

Standard 2.3: The organisational structure and human resource practices encourages integrity, responsibility, initiative and cooperative teamwork.

Standard 2.4: Assets and physical resources are managed to ensure an effective, efficient and safe service.

Standard 2.5: Financial management reflects organisational goals and supports an efficient and sustainable service.

Standard 2.6: Information and knowledge management is systematic, secure, ethical, encourages a team approach and is used for the review of service activities and organisational development.

Standard 2.7: The organisation identifies, assesses and manages risks in unison with integrated quality and safety systems to ensure continuous safe, responsive and efficient services.

Standard 2.8: The organisation ensures compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.


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